2014 - Day 31 - Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

2014 - Day 30 -

A more finished version of a 10 minute sketch where the topics were pulled from a hat. 

This topic is "robots spellcasting"


2014 - Day 28 -

2014 - Day 27 -

It's one of those days when where I don't know what to draw I just do Kenshin fan art. So here's a WIP of something I'll finish later.



2014 - Day 19 -

Not really anywhere near finished. Might go into more detail another time, but we'll see.


2014 - Day 18 -

Fan Art from Rurouni Kenshin. Hajime Saitou, Gatotsu Zeroshiki!


2014 - Day 9 -

Sort of an alt-universe look at my DnD character Levin, had he never had pivotal events happen that would lead to him becoming an adventurer.

2014 - Day 8 -

A WIP sorta deal here. Most likely will come back to finish this later.


2014 - Day 7 -

Some fan-art of Wii Fit Trainer. I'm loving the new smash bros! 


2014 - Day 4 -

Had some fun with this one. I'll make a less lazy foreground element later. I definitely want to come back to this one.


OctoberSketch 2014 - Day 1

Octobersketch 2014!!! Let the art begin!! Thought I'd start the month with a bit of digital life drawing. Make sure you check out all the art at the octobersketch blog!


Thumbnail exercise

Used a picture of an animal to make some thumbnails for environments/illustrations. 
Can you guess the animal?


Environment Design - Homework and Stuff - Concept Design Academy

I took a class over the summer at the Concept Design Academy in Pasadena for Environment art. Here are a few of my homework assignments:
Assignment was to use sketchup to composite together an environment and then paint over it. 
Assignment was to take an old environment and make it "epic." Original here.
Using the spaceship design below, we had to expand the design and make an environment with it.
We had to design a sleek, fast spaceship designed by humans to observe alien life. Mine were based on different types of marine life. 


Critical Hit!

 My friend's character Melbar scoring a critical hit. And scoring some cash in the process.



This is some art I did to celebrate Juggernaut Game's new Sci-Fi Dungeon-Crawler Star Crawlers! 
Check out their KICKSTARTER!
Bust up some robots, you know you want to. :)


Manticore Canyon - UPDATED

I updated this based on some feedback I got to make the mouth brighter.

Old version below:


Updated Viking Boatsman and Porfolio!!!

Lots of more work on this one, and a few changes. Let me know what you think!

I've also updated my web-site: artofbillw.com Check it out!


Green Planet thing WIP

Had some fun painting with the clone stamp tool. Here's a piece that I'll probably take further later.